I’ve been working on some “cheat sheets” for the D&D 5e campaign I’m currently running. I was trying to fit some specific game details along with plenty of general goodies on a few pages of paper. The idea was to have a helpful reference as we played that I could cross reference as needed. As I was doing some research for templates or formats that might be useful, I ran across the 2015 One Page Dungeon Contest. It sounded fun, so decided I’d give it a go. I sat down and jotted down some bullet points outlining my ideas and from that drew a new map. I wanted to create something that could be easily incorporated to any campaign with little effort or used standalone. I took my ideas and generalized them somewhat. I didn’t want any game specific requirements or anything too difficult to adapt or change.

So here it is, if you’re brave you may travel deep into an old forest where ancient elven ruins await to be discovered. Beware adventurers for that’s not all you’ll find! A dark coven of hags have made these ruins and the surrounding forest their home. Now all the forest here is twisted and evil, filled with malice and infested with the hag’s minions. Can you enter the coven’s lair and destroy the coven, can you free the old woods of this evil?

Here’s my entry in PDF format, it’s released under a creative commons license so enjoy it freely.

The Dark Coven